Cocaine Is Easier To Buy Than Art

Tonight I had ambitions of attending the Buy Art Not Cocaine – The Cheaper Show 8 event (being held this year at the failed Storyeum site in Gastown).

Over 300 pieces of art by 150 artists, each piece selling for a flat rate of just $200.00. The promoters did an excellent job, ‘cuz there was a huge line up to get in over several hours. The fact that we didn’t have the patience to stand in line aside, rumours of the show being completely sold out were circulating by 10:00pm. We did oogle the art through the windows as we passed by the line up. Some of it was quite good. The size alone of some of the pieces warranted $200.00.

The plan next year is to arrive an hour prior to the opening of The Cheaper Show, bringing picnic and bevvy supplies to help while away the waiting.

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