23 Skidoo A.K.A Things I’d Like To Do

I’ve been meaning to set this loose in the ether for some time now. So that I feel beholding and accountable-like.

In no particular order…

1. Eat more vegetables
2. Cook more – try one new dish every couple of weeks
3. Increase time in studio (averaging 21-28 hrs/wk, would

like 35-40 hrs/wk)
4. Begin scheduled biz admin for practice
5. Start learning to play the guitar…really!
6. Solve documenting dilemma for “Survival Games”
7. Spend more time in art galleries
8. Spend more time reading good books
9. Research paid writing / illustration gigs
10. Start working out again
11. Watch less crappy movies
12. Actively pursue alternate income opportunities
13. Secure a show or two
14. Recognize fun when it happens
15. Put archived work up on website
16. Complete all my courses for BFA
17. Be more social
18. Finish delinquent reno’s in loft
19. Be in a state of happiness more often
20. Make a ‘zine
21. Write scripts for The Extra Ordinary Adventures of Miss Fortune and
  Biscuit Bonaventure; Anxiety Girl)
22. Experiment with rudimentary animation
23. Clean bathroom / vacuum more often than I presently do

Ahh…I feel amazingly lighter. Now maybe I’ll have some brain space to actually function so I can do some of it.

What’s on your list?

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