Ask the Artist #3

Q:  What is your earliest memory involving art? I’ll tell you mine if you tell us yours 😀

Hmmm. My earliest memory involving art would have to be performance-based. 

I think I must have been about four years old. I was always pretending to be some kind of animal or another – who doesn’t at that age?

If my play-acting stood out artistically at all from other four-year olds play-acting, it was as a result of my obsession with observing the minute details of animal and insect behavior and then being a stickler for reproducing those details in my actions.

AN EXAMPLE:  I recall asking my mom to put my mid-morning snack of a side plate of Saltines on to the floor so that I could pick them up off the plate with my mouth.  God love her, she did.

I’m sure she was much less accommodating when I started chewing the crackers in the same manner that I had observed our black and white domestic shorthair, Fluffy, crunching his dry kibbles:  hunched over the plate on all fours, mouth open, teeth bared, and letting pieces fall out of my mouth back onto the plate and surrounding floor.

Yes, my friends, it’s all about the details.  Always has been.

OK…your turn 😉

2 Responses to “Ask the Artist #3”

  1. jody says:

    What dedication! Is that when you know a piece of art is “done”? When you are working on it and you suddenly pee your pants?
    I love that story…

  2. Tzaddi says:

    I’m in my kindergarten class, standing at the easel. Working on a painting, of course. Trying. to. get. it. just. perfect. (What else?)

    And still trying.

    And I pee my pants.

    Painting session comes to an abrupt end.