Addition To The Family

SameDay delivered my artwork this afternoon.  I’ve just spent the last six hours unpacking, checking, and repacking artwork, so today’s post will be short and sweet.

My customary practice once receiving the work is to unpack it all, attend to any pieces that need mending, and make sure that all the little bits and bobs that accessorize the figures have made their way back to me so I don’t have any unpleasant surprises the next time I install the work.

Many of these miniature accessories are, for lack of a better word, free-floating; they aren’t secured down.  Twice I have received the exhibit back with something missing.  The first time Slim was shown Bad Snare Day came back sans snare.  I saw this minor editing job as more amusing than annoying; the snare was made out of picture wire and I quickly made a replacement.

Bad Snare Day, 2004 [photo: Kenji Nagai]

The second incident involved the theft of a miniature fob jackknife that the Bearded Lady uses to shave her head.  This time I was not remotely amused, though I could understand why someone would want to take it.  At an inch and a half long including blade, it was crazy cute.  Replacing it was not easy.  I scoured pawn shops and local antique stores and they had nothing nearly as small as I needed.  In the end I spent several days combing through items on eBay, eventually finding, bidding, and winning three separate lots of miniature jackknives.  One of the knives ended up being a nearly perfect replacement.  Because these wee blades are so hard to find, the new knife is secretly stitched to the figure.

The Bearded Lady Shaves Her Head, 2003 [photo: Kenji Nagai]

To be honest, I’m surprised bits don’t go missing more often.  But nothing like that happened this time.  This time, everything came back in tip top shape…and then some.

Somebody very carefully secured an amethyst crystal to the hem of Tiny Dancer’s tutu.  It’s hooked gently through the fine tulle mesh – no damage done at all.  This is the first time anybody’s ever added something to the work.

It might not make it to the next showing, but I’ve left it on for now.

A big shout out to Gallery ConneXion for doing a great job tearing down the exhibit.  I could tell a lot of care went into wrapping and packing the work – thanks Sophia and John!

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