Could You Be Any More Patronizing?

I love dance, theatre, music, spoken word – anything live and creative.  I used to make a point of attending the Fringe festival, Vancouver Opera, 20 Minutes Max, and so on.  I’m disappointed to report that 2012 contained very little culture that was not of my own making.

I could blame it on both Andrew and I having mad, mad schedules but I feel there has also been some inertia involved.  When you stop making the effort to go see live entertainment, it becomes easier and easier to sit around binge watching AMC series.  2013 is going to be different.

2013 is the year to take action; to patronize the arts and buy tickets immediately if I see something that looks interesting.

And that’s why I bought tickets to this upcoming Arts Club Theatre performance today:

School uniforms?


An automaton?

AND it’s a MUSICAL??

Um, yes please!

If you’re not entirely convinced you need to buy yourself some tickets, maybe the plot will tempt you.

Have you heard about any interesting, upcoming shows?  Have you just bought tickets to a cultural event that you’re excited about?

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