Animatione Teste the Firste

Setting up the Canon to shoot every 4 seconds and animating in “real time” (which explains why my hands occasionally appear in the frame when I can’t re-position the characters fast enough) is exciting but nerve-wracking.

Kinda like playing CONCENTRATION, that old wind-up puzzle game I had as a kid. Do you remember it? Before you began you wound up a timer on the game board. You had about 45 seconds to fit 20 or so puzzle piece shapes into corresponding slots. If you didn’t finish in time, the bottom of the game board popped up (not unlike a Jack-in-the-Box), spewing game pieces all over you. Oh [tear in corner of eye] how I loved that anxiety-inducing game.

I decided to not connect the appendages to the bodies. While this manner of working is more difficult, especially under the time constraints, I love the raw-ness of the animation. The lurching quality of the characters’ motion is especially appealing to me.

At the end is a test I did with one of the smaller – and connected – I Am Your figures.

Ahh…the ideas are brewing…

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