Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Here’s a peek at something new I’ve been playing with.

I’ve been meaning to add animation into my repertoire for some time now but had been overwhelmed by not having the equipment or know-how to get started.

I didn’t have (and still don’t have) proper lighting…or a pro copy stand…or actual animation software. I was inspired to action, though, by a photographer friend who was using a Canon Powershot with a hacked SD card to shoot time-interval videos.

I asked Andrew to hack my 2G SD card. Then I put my new and improved Canon Point ‘n’ shoot on a tripod, bungee-corded the tripod to a stool, and set the stool on my studio table.

Animation Setup

It’s not Pixar, but it fits my budget and works quite nicely.

This video was shot at 4 second intervals using natural, diffused light and is encoded at 10fps.

My next goal will be to practice animating the figures within the prescribed time-interval constraint. Think of it as “real time” stop-motion animation.

Visit again soon for more animation hi-jinx.

PS – To be accompanied (eventually) by original soundtracks composed by L. Andrew Parker!

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