Annual Review: The Bullet List

Last week I shared my experience of resisting this year’s annual review – I was stubbornly avoiding it because I felt the past 12 months had been disappointingly underwhelming.  After buckling down and completing the review I gained a surprising sense of accomplishment.

Here it is, in all it’s bulleted glory, for your consideration…

Victoria Ancipitis (detail)

Victoria Ancipitis (detail), 2004.  Photo: Kenji Nagai


  • Professional documentation of artwork (all current work documented)
  • Sold a drawing (piece from Survival Games series)
  • New website
  • Søciety6 store activated
  • Attended WDS 2013, made some new friends/contacts and reconnected with WDS 2012 folk
  • Consistent studio time put in during most of the year (2 months of summer reno’s excepted I’ve logged 562 studio hours in 10 months, ending just 38 hrs shy of my 60hr/month goal)
  • 11 proposal packages prepped and sent out
  • Consistent presence on blog (maintained average of 3-4 posts per month)
  • Made good progress on the BAT PROJECT: 2,000 hands, 500 heads, 500 arms, and 418 bodies
  • Maintained regular studio skype sessions with BFF Tzaddi Gordon
  • Foundational scheming with Tzaddi on a joint biz venture
  • Started Anxiety Grrrl project with collaborator (project’s at a bit of a standstill at the moment but the initial momentum got me to finish the origin story script)
  • Volunteered on BOD for non-profit arts organization earthand gleaners society
  • Almost daily accountability with two awesome accountability partners: Lisa Call and Joy Holland
  • Began foundation for newsletter
  • Bought silkscreen/printing supplies for up-cycled t-shirt project

And, because we are not solely made of our work…


  • Stepped up to take on a bigger role with the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra (memorize/perform monologue)
  • Regular, paid gigs playing with LFM
  • Learned several new chords/songs on ukulele
  • Completed some major DIY home reno’s that turned out beautifully
  • Started new fitness program at YWCA (aqua-based, low-impact, 3X/week)
  • Joined strata council with the goal of getting our self-managed building legally following the Act/Bylaws
  • Trip to Las Vegas to see Penn & Teller
  • Trip to London, UK and saw LOTS of art (loved it, would go back in a heartbeat for a longer stay)
  • Attended lots of cultural events this year: theatre, symphony, puppet show, DOXA
  • Went on a couple of Sunshine Coast house-hunting missions (as yet unsuccessful)
  • With the exception of some minor flares, the IC is under control (even with occasion consumption of “foods to avoid”)

It can be hard to break oneself of the habit of comparing current year’s activities with previous years’ successes.  Some years will birth big ticket achievements.  Other years will pass in gestation. Some years, like this year, will be a little bit of both.

Have you done your review yet?  Feel free to share some highlights below or add a link to your own annual review post!

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