Moving Forward

My last week of 2013 is being spent at an inspirational forest hideaway on north Pender Island.

Pender View

Being removed from the city and all of it’s post-Christmas/pre-New Year’s consumer drama is a welcome relief.

The treed quietude is the perfect accompaniment for introspection and the conception of big dreams.


  • Develop a focused business plan for the year
  • Secure one solo show
  • Sell at least one piece of original artwork
  • Complete half of bat installation (500 figures)
  • Have bats professionally documented
  • Rewrite and send out Survival Games proposal to 3 venues
  • Write and send out bat proposal to 3 venues
  • Write narratives about Slim Shady work (write one narrative per week and the whole series can be done in less than a year); post on website
  • Make some chap books of writing and art – offer for sale in online shop
  • Experiment with up-cycled t-shirts – offer for sale in online shop
  • Maintain an average of 15hrs/week art production during non deadline times (60hrs/month – fell slightly short of this goal for 2013)
  • Research and apply for a creation residency somewhere warm during winter months
  • Research and apply for a networking residency
  • Promote søciety6 store
  • Attend art openings (at least one/month)
  • Continue weekly studio skype sessions w/Tzaddi
  • Search for other artists to studio skype with
  • Develop newsletter and write/publish first issue
  • Maintain consistent blogging schedule of 3-4 posts per month
  • Create links to society6 on website/create store of original work on site
  • Increase activity on social media – be useful, help people more
  • Truly Troubled dog toy production on a bi-weekly basis (got all the materials, might as well use them up this year); aim to complete 200 toys
  • Website for dog toys
  • Think about/research Masters of Art programs
  • Consider registering in a biz retreat type program (smaller than WDS, focused on artists’ professional development if possible)
  • Less T.O.D. more work!


  • Maintain YWCA routine (swim 3x/wk)
  • Work on strata council to improve management and communication
  • Volunteer on B.O.D. for earthand gleaners society
  • Finish planned reno’s in kitchen
  • Ukulele lessons – to fast track my progress
  • Think about voice lessons (would love to be more confident when singing)
  • Reintroduce creative writing into schedule, without expectations or judgments
  • Be more in-person social; make an effort to meet new people
  • Become more politically involved (speak out, stand up, attend rallies for issues I believe in)
  • Less T.O.D. more living!

How are you spending the last precious days of 2013?  What are your big dreams for 2014?  Please share in the comments below.

2 Responses to “Moving Forward”

  1. Lisa Call says:

    Beautiful list. Here’s to a wonderful 2014. See you in the todo lists 🙂