Artventure: Fredericton, NB Part 4

I dragged myself out of bed on Thursday morning and I could tell that the week was taking its toll on me.

My body had refused to adjust to the new time zone and I’d been unable to fall asleep until 3:00am every night.  I needed to wake at 7:00am in order to be downstairs in time to catch the breakfast service, which meant very little sleep over the course of the week.

Walking in the brisk autumn sunlight perked me up and by the time I reached the gallery I felt alert and ready to get ‘er done.

First on my to-do list was to install the last piece along the half-wall.  For each of the two canoes I had made discreet wooden stands that would cradle the canoes and prevent them from tipping and rolling off the wall should they be accidentally knocked or bumped.  I used small dabs of clear silicone to attach the stands to the wall, and the canoes to the stand.  It was a perfect fit along the wall and I was pleased it would be the first piece gallery visitors would see when they came through the front door.

I finished lighting the installation, stowed the installation supplies, affixed labels to plinths and walls, swept the gallery floor, and scattered a box of my MOO business cards at the end of the half wall (I love you, MOO!).  It was almost 4:00pm when I left the gallery.  I had full expectations to attend John’s opening at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery at 5:00pm before walking to my own opening at 7:00pm.

By the time I arrived at my home away from home, ate odds and sods I’d been keeping in my mini fridge, showered and changed, it was already past 5:50pm.  I arrived at the Beaverbrook much later than I anticipated and was a bit overwhelmed:  the opening was for several different shows, was extremely well attended, and I didn’t recognize anyone I knew.  I roamed around, trying to find John’s work and appreciating the art I was finding but never coming across his paintings (I later found out they were downstairs, the stairs leading down to them were in line with the front door and I missed them entirely).

I walked to Gallery ConneXion and when I arrived I met more volunteers/board members: Loanne, Candace Wilkins, and Karen Ruet (photography instructor at New Brunswick Collage of Craft & Design).  Folks started to trickle in and I was introduced to members of the Fredericton arts community.  Everyone was friendly, supportive and curious about the work.  I loved that they weren’t shy about asking questions.  I had a great time meeting and talking with local artists, among them Joss Richer and Dana O’Regan.

As the opening wound down, I made plans to meet Karen at the College on Friday afternoon, and a few of us went out for a late dinner at a pub not too far from my B&B.

Back at Kilburn House, I reflected on how the week was progressing.  The installation looked great and I’d had a very fine opening.

Only two days remained in my Fredericton Artventure:  Friday morning would be spent at the gallery, the afternoon spent with Karen at the college, and Saturday would feature the artist talk, my last outstanding task.

Tomorrow: Fredericton, NB Part 5

2 Responses to “Artventure: Fredericton, NB Part 4”

  1. jody says:

    Jason! A quick note from supportive people such as yourself gives me the fuel to keep blogging. Thanks so much for reading 🙂

  2. Jake DeNiro says:

    Yes!! Reconnecting with your life and work through this blog is energizing and inspiring! Now I will be sleuthey and try to find some pictures of this event…