Artventure: Wolfville, NS Part 3

Friday’s talk was attended by ten people, which at this point in my career is standard.   An enthusiastic woman named Noreen drove all the way from Halifax to hear me speak 🙂

The talk felt like it went well – this doesn’t always happen.  Public speaking terrifies me (as it does many people).  Days before the presentation I’ll be ill with anxiety, have trouble eating, and won’t be able to sleep.

My mom was always nervous about my career choice.  She would tell me I wouldn’t make any money; I was going to be poor.  The threat of poverty didn’t phase me at all.  Little did she know she could have prevented me from pursuing an art career if she had uttered one simple sentence:

“If you become an artist you’ll have to speak in public.”

If she had said this I would have chosen to pursue something less anxiety producing.

Like Neurosurgery.

I’ve got a handful of presentations under my belt and I’m improving with each one.  But sometimes during a presentation I feel “off”.  Words fail me and I forget to mention basic details.  I can’t seem to think on my feet during question period.  When this happens I end up feeling wholly unintelligent.  Like I’m bogus.  An imposter.

Thankfully the speech Muse was feeling generous in Wolfville.

Tomorrow: Wolfville, NS Part 4

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