Artventure: Wolfville, NS Part 4

Sunday’s workshop, essentially a Build Your Own Art “Doll” event,  was based on the transfer and surface techniques I use in my sculptures.  Although slow to fill it ended up with 9 students registered – which is an ideal number of participants in my book.  It was great fun to teach something so tied to my practice.

The participants were talented and keen, taking everything I offered and putting their own spin on it.  As I watched what they were doing I kept thinking, “Oooh!  Why haven’t I tried that yet?”  So inspiring!  I unloaded a huge amount of information on them and we all agreed a two-day workshop with more time to play and work on their pieces would have been even better.  Next time 😉   My big regret is that I was so busy facilitating I didn’t take the opportunity to document (hence the complete lack of imagery in this post).

Note to self: always make time to take photos.

A big thank you to curator Laurie Dalton for offering me the opportunity to exhibit at Acadia University Gallery.  Laurie went out of her way to make me feel welcome and entertain me during my stay in Wolfville. To the folks who participated in the workshop and/or came out to the artist talk, thank you for your interest and enthusiasm.

It was a whirlwind of a trip.  I flew home Sunday, exhausted but fulfilled.  I would have liked to stay a few more days and had a longer visit with Andrew’s family (and had a chance to witness the chimney swifts swoop in to roost!), but my studio with its half finished piece for Fredericton was calling me home to Vancouver.

Tomorrow: Acadia and Fredericton works in progress.

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