Artventures In Regina: Day 4

Installation View @1

As expected, lighting is an entirely new truckload of thrills, spills, and surprises (actually, it wasn’t that eventful, but it sounds more exciting if I imply that I fell off the 12 foot ladder on to the concrete floor).

One of the pieces (Favourite Ways With Pheasant) utilizes mirrored Plexiglas behind the work and illuminating the figures without blinding viewers with the reflection of the spotlights in the mirror proved to be challenging. In the end, human cleverness dominated over technology. Barb achieved absolutely gorgeous shadows from People In My Neighbourhood.

People In My Neighbourhood - detail

A few hours of downtime (checking emails, downloading pix, wranting blogs) and it is time to prep for the reception. I end up getting all conceptual with the vegetable platters and arrange them according to colour in target motifs. Barb gets creative with the cheese plates and uses my discarded broccoli stumps to build “cheese trees”. Ironically (and appropriately) enough, the food table is located right in front of the pheasant piece (my camera decided to flash – see how nasty that reflection is? Apologies).

Reception Refreshments

I have the opportunity to meet a number of the faculty and students at the reception. Reactions to the work are positive. My ego is happy to hear favourable responses from people who don’t really know me or the work: the comment “delightfully disturbing” makes my night.

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