Artventures In Regina: Day 6

My last day in Regina. I spend it at the university, chatting with grad and undergrad students that I have met over the past few days while I monitor the gallery, document the installation, and type away on my computer. I only have a few more hours in this city and it feels entirely comfortable to be spending them in this way. In five days I have become familiar with streets and some locations, particularly the university.

At 4:30pm, we leave the university and Barb drives me to the airport. It has been a fantastic experience, incredibly busy and full of new information and faces. Everyone I have met has made me feel welcome…the community is incredibly friendly and supportive (except for the desk clerk at the Mackenzie Gallery).

Thank you U of R, Fifth Parallel Gallery, Rick & Christine Sutherland (for giving me the airmiles to get to and from Regina), and a special thank you to Barbara Meneley for inviting me to bring my work to Regina and being a wonderful host while I was there.

Mentally Ill in Regina - detail

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