Ask the Artist #1

Q: If you don’t receive any real questions from the public, are you still going to post Ask the Artist as a regular blog topic. If so, why?

Technically, that’s two questions…but I’m not about to be tightfisted with my information so I’ll answer them both.

Yes, if I find no questions in my mailbox queue I will still post ATA. I’ll have to ask my own question, mind you. Which makes it way less challenging for me, ‘cuz inevitably I’ll take the easy way out and ask myself a question that I hardly have to think about to answer.

Why would I continue ATA if no one but myself is asking questions? Well, several reasons:

I am a narcissist.
It is a cheap, relatively harmless way of entertaining myself.
The two people that regularly read my blog might suddenly

realize they don’t know me as well as they’d like and want 
  to send me a question and it would be a shame if I trash
  the topic before they have a chance to respond.

So…Ask the Artist is not going away, it is here to stay.

Don’t be shy about clicking on the CONTACT tab in the header and sending me an email.

It will make me feel less like I am talking to myself.

Which I will continue to do.

If y’all don’t send me any questions.

One Response to “Ask the Artist #1”

  1. Stephen Sutherland says:

    Nothing…’cuz I’ve moved the questions into the “queue” so I won’t forget to answer them! Thanks for your questions, Stephen.