Ask the Artist #6

Q:  What’s on your Christmas Wish List?

Well, I wouldn’t request anything outlandishly extravagant…like world peace, for instance. That’s just asking for disappointment come Christmas morn.

My list would probably look something like this:

Dear Satan  Santa:

I have tried very hard to be a good artist this year.  I worked in the studio as often as I could, even on days when I was experiencing existential angst and felt there really wasn’t any point to what I was doing. I didn’t trash-talk galleries who sent back my proposals with rejection letters. Well, not very much, anyhow. I tried not to harbour feelings of inadequacy when my peers’ successes seemed to reach far beyond my own.

I have big plans for 2009. To that end I request the following:

1. Unlimited pre-paid credit at Opus.
2. Access to a big-ass flatbed scanner.
3. Two curators who look favourably upon my show proposals.
4. Brief stepping stones of employment to keep my self employment alive.
5. The gumption to fly into an administrative fury in the early part of the year.
6. Continued merry socializing with my creative mentor-peers.
7. Good health in order to be able to execute all of the above.

If you give me the tools, I will make my own presents/presence.

Thank you in advance, oh jolly one.

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