Better Than Brandalism

I haven’t witnessed any of V-TARP’s art-vertisements up close and actual, but I sure hope I get a chance to before SkyTrain Control figures out something is not quite right…

My theory is that the policing and security budget was way overblown during the Olympics, so now is a great time for some illegal-but-spiritually-necessary takeover of privately-owned public property.

Personally, I get a giggle when I see advertisers caught in some inadvertent, accidental culture-jamming when the staff person installing the ads puts a shopping centre ‘vert directly beside an ad for debt counseling.

But that subtle and consequential ironic message is not going to be understood by everyone. Sometimes these things need to be spelled out.


Jerm IX is one of the graf artists whose work I have documented in my survey area. I have enjoyed many of his cleverly crafted quotes around the ‘hood and I’m tickled that he’s co-authoring this bold project. FYI – for anyone who wishes they had the balls to do it Guerrilla style, V-TARP is accepting installation-ready artwork that they will install.

Check out the link above for details.

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