Blister in the Sun

By all rights I should be waiting until tomorrow and posting this as a “Show & Tell”, but it will probably heal by then and nobody will believe me that I ever worked this hard…

Small Blister
I cultivated this while mowing the lawn at Fairmont (yes, in the sun). Impressive for a city girl, who, despite her farm roots, has very little experience maneuvering large, gas powered equipment.

I can proudly say that I handled the mower without difficulty. With K’s excellent instruction I even managed to start it by myself several times. The edger, however, was a complete debacle. A combination of the wacker being too heavy, me being too light, it being too long, and me being too short led to some disastrous edge-work. To his credit, K tried to offer advice when I got bogged down, but it was too hot and I was too frustrated. I gave up, leaving the job half-finished.

I hate leaving anything half-finished.

Consider this my public declaration of a rematch, Mr. Wacker. Three weeks from now: me + you = go time.

[insert training montage accompanied by cheesy instrumental here]

One Response to “Blister in the Sun”

  1. Tzaddi says:

    Like I said, you are such a trooper! …and to contemplate coming back, even. You *are* brave 😉