Bring Back That Lovin’ Feeling

Now that I’m all BFA’d and my job-as-hobby schedule has been lightened, I have the exciting and anxiety-ridden task of rekindling the relationship with my studio.

An artist’s relationship with their studio is like any other relationship, it takes effort and determination. Communication is essential. Whenever an artist is more-or-less absent from the studio for long bouts of time, they always hope that the reunion will be like reconnecting with an exceptionally good friend: comfortable, as if you’ve never spent any time apart. In reality it is almost always the opposite, more akin to an awkward chance encounter with an unforgiven ex.

Over the last couple of months the studio and I have been avoiding one another’s gaze. That’s not to say we’ve been completely ignoring one another; we have been sussing each other up out of the corner of our eyes, wondering what we should talk about and how we should start the conversation.

Of course it will be me that has to make the first move. Maybe I should start casual. Keep it simple, no pressure. Invite the studio for coffee. Who knows, if we get along it may lead to dinner, a movie, and…?

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