Campbell River Day 2 (Jan. 21)

A long rest in a wonderfully dark and quiet room we were back at the gallery for 9:00am.  The volunteers were coming in a bit later, so I had a chance to wander through the space and make a few more decisions.

I realize that the trouble I’m having is because I can’t commit.  There are countless ways to display the work – in my head I am trying to arrange the show the best possible way so I only have to physically move the work once.

Yeah, right.

The only way to really see how something is going to work, is to see how something is going to work. Which means you have to concede to playing gallery Tetris and moving pieces, sometimes several times, to get what you want.

My obsessive circling of the gallery is interrupted (thankfully) by Annette, who is writing the press release and wants to ask some questions about the work.

Afterward, I manage to commit to half the installation so that when Gary arrives he can begin to arrange the lighting:

Installation 1

Installation 2

At the end of an eight hour day it feels like it is starting to come together.  There are still  four pieces and three plinths that have not been designated a permanent home – they will have to wait until tomorrow.

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