Cat’s Outta The Bag

Or in my case, the guitar’s outta the case.  Today I had my first guitar lesson.

Self-directed, with the help of this easy to follow website.

I learned the parts of the guitar. I learned how to hold the guitar. I learned how to hold the pick (I made myself a pick out of a piece of mat board…works great).

Then I learned how to play a chromatic scale starting on E using alternate picking.  And I learned the basic chords of G major, C major, and D major.

I also learned that I have damn little hands.  Playing chords is going to be a wee bit of a trial.  While trying to achieve correct finger placement on the frets my inner critic whispered, “Oh, yeah, this is why you quit after a few weeks when you were 19.  You can’t do this.  It’s not physically possible.  You have guitar-challenged digits.”


I will persevere and keep at it for at least one month before I consider trading in my 3/4 Yamaha for a ukulele.

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