Not-So-Sunday Show & Tell

After much fence-sitting and decision-waffling I’ve made the choice to take these:

Flag Girls 1

Flag Girls 2

and do with them what I had always planned on doing…


Flag Girls 1:
FG 1 detail

Detail of hanging tabs:
FG 1 detail 2

Flag Girls 2 (Liberty):
FG 2

…a semi-side view to give you an idea of how far they sit off the wall:
FG side

Nice detail of gang leader with club…er, I mean, torch:
Fg 2 detail

I’m still playing around with how these should be fixed to the wall (if, indeed, they should be fixed to the wall at all).  What I’ve got here is string and fishing line hooked over long T-pins pushed into the wall.  The inch-and-a-half body of the pin allows me some variation with depth and overlapping.  The figures sway with air current and breath, which I quite like.

Originally I was considering gluing magnets to the back of the paper figures, then setting them on large headed nails hammered in at different depths. The paper I’ve used is too heavy for this method.  Can’t say I’m disappointed – it would made then too static.  Plus, I kinda like the fishing line “nooses” around the figures’ necks, although it is a bit too subtle to see (not just on-line, either).

Might need to make it more obvious if I want to push that edge…and, really, who doesn’t?

I’m also keen to see what happens with the shadows when they are lit more dramatically.

Comments?  Remarks?  Questions?

One Response to “Not-So-Sunday Show & Tell”

  1. Tzaddi says:

    I loved these before you cut them up.

    Now, I love them more.