Corporate Colonic

Sometimes Daily Muse is the only chance I have in a day to flex my creativity. I try to write in the mornings before the world touches me too much and I start seeing everything through shit-coloured glasses.

Some days – like today – the post doesn’t happen when I want it to and by the time I get to the computer my creativity has been run over, curb stomped, supreme wedgied, and shoved into a dark, musty, bureaucratic corporate-infested closet.
Workplaces should offer employees access to some kind of de-contamination booth so that you can zap the politics off of your body before you leave for the day…or a colonic you could administer when you get home to flush all the corporate out of your system.
At the very least, employees should be allowed to keep pet monkeys in their cubicles, whose task it would be to groom the bureaucratic lice off the workers throughout the day.

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