Alternate Consumerverse

A while back my good friend and creative comrade Tzaddi sent me a link to Kevin Kelly’s 1,000 True Fans. This is a must read for all creative folk trying to eke out an alternative living outside the conservative whirlpool.

Kelly’s theory is based on 1,000 fans spending $100 bucks each per year on an artist’s work, allowing said artist to achieve an annual income of $100,000.00. To continue my current lifestyle, I would only require 223 true fans willing to spend $100.00 per year on whatever creative notion I was producing. After reading this article, I yoinked myself out of the little box I keep myself in and began looking at my financial situation with slightly less jaded eyes. Twenty-some G’s can be found in a multitude of disguises:

2230 items @ $10.00 (puppets, dog toys, ‘zines, postcards)
895 items @ $25.00 (editioned repro’s of 2-D work – small)
373 items @ $60.00 (editioned repro’s of 2-D work – larger)
112 items @ $200.00 (original 2-D work)
60 items @ $400.00 (teaching gig, sculptures)
15 items @ $1,500.00 (Carfac fees / solo show)
3 items @ $8,000.00 (Canada Council Creation Grant)

Kelly’s article is inspiring. Broken down into smaller chunks, creative survival doesn’t seem insurmountable. This article encourages the belief that with a little marketing savvy, making a living off one’s art is entirely possible.
So…what are you doing still reading this post? Go read Kelly’s article and start making fans!

2 Responses to “Alternate Consumerverse”

  1. Tzaddi says:

    The idea of making some of it off of reproductions is all the more feasible these days, with sites like,,…

    I try to tag these publishing type of sites when I think of it, in my bookmarks:

  2. Tzaddi says:

    P.S. You go girl! Glad you were inspired by that!