‘Cuz I’m (Not) Sweet Enough

Something IC folk should steer clear of is aspartame and other artificial sweeteners.  As an avid gum chewer I wondered if this might be a challenge.  As I did research I learned that even gums that are not “sugar free” can contain amounts of artificial sweetener.  Then I found Glee Gum.

Only a handful of stores in Vancouver carry it – Capers being one of them.

So, on Sunday I travelled down Fourth and got me some Glee Peppermint and Glee Cinnamon gum.  I popped a piece of the mint into my mouth and was immediately transported back to my childhood when it was the norm for chewing gum to be made with sugar.  I had forgotten how different the texture is from sugar-free gum; tougher, and more resistant to chewing.  I haven’t chewed gum since Sunday.

Not disappointed with it, just not used to it…yet.  There is another natural option: xylitol.  But after coming upon this, I decided to stick with good, old-fashioned-sweetened-with-sugar-gum, though I’ll probably chew less.

Losing interest in gum-chewing is probably not a bad thing – I’m sure it’s contributing to the huge ridges I’m grinding into my teeth at night while I sleep. I’ll just have to find another obsessive habit to adopt, like tapping my finger on the table or shaking my leg. 🙂

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