Diary Awe

You’ll find the darndest things when you do an intensive clean. For instance, you might find your grade 7 diary.

Here’s a titillating entry from May 24, 1982:

Only 41 days until horseback riding! Today we had baseball practice. Yesterday I went to a “flea” market, there was the dirty store, it was disgusting. I bought the pen I’m using now, it smells yummy, it’s cherry. Still 23 more days of school. Braces checkup: 9 more days. Well bye now.

The only thing that makes this entry at all interesting is the slight ambiguity with which it is written. What did I meant by “the dirty store”? Was it a sex shop or was it just unclean? And did I buy the cherry scented pen there?

Disappointingly, the cherry pen no longer smells like cherry.

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