Did Ya Miss Me?

Well I missed me! Where did I go the last 3 months you might ask?

The destination, my friends, was Crazy. I went to Crazytown and now I’m back (mostly). The start of a new job, the end of a mentorship, a new development in the latest series and one more course toward my BFA have kept me away. But now I am back like a bad case of vengeance. With the next two weeks off (not for good behavior) I have plenty of new postings planned: images of the latest series, new short stories and poems, and a visual survey of contemporary graffiti (Graffiti in My Neighbourhood). Check back soon!

3 Responses to “Did Ya Miss Me?”

  1. robi says:

    you have definately been missed. I would love to be amongst those that heckle you in Campbell River…mmmm

  2. Haven and Keegan says:

    We miss you Aunt Jody!!!! When r u coming back to see us?!!

    Love always

    Haven and Keegan

  3. Tzaddi says:

    I sure did miss you. Welcome back!