Doin’ The Pigeon

A pigeon joined us for yoga class today. Apparently this was the second day it has been trapped in the multipurpose room. The double doors leading out to the second-floor patio were left open for the duration of the class with the hopes that the bird would make its way out. No such luck.

The commotion of ten students milling about and putting away mats and bolsters and other yoga paraphernalia was enough to prod it into making a break for the exit. Unfortunately its aim was about two feet too high and its little brain couldn’t seem to grasp the notion of dropping down enough to make it through the open doors.

The pigeon made several additional attempts at freedom while we were packing up. Each attempt ended with the same result: the pigeon flapping furiously two feet above its desired mark. That pigeon knew where it needed to go but it couldn’t quite get there.

I can identify with that pigeon. I know where I want to go but my aim seems slightly off and I feel like I keep hitting the wall.

The lesson learned from the pigeon’s plight? I might need to reconfigure my path to reach my goal.

One Response to “Doin’ The Pigeon”

  1. Lori Lucas says:

    You sure are one talented gal Jody!! I love knowing you and sharing your energy at yoga!

    Please tell us when you have a show/talk..anything!
    I’d love to come and possibly purchase something from you.

    You need a Facebook Fan Page to display your work!
    YOu take care & see ya on Wed 🙂