Emily’s New House

This arrived in my inbox this morning.

Emily Carr Great Northern Way Campus.

The property, a bit of industrial wasteland, has lain barren for as long as I can remember and it’s exciting that Emily will be moving there.

At ECU’s current location on Granville Island, Emily students frequent Opus Art Supplies which is right across the street from the University.  I’m hoping this means there is a plan for an on-campus art store.  My former local supply store, the Main Street deSerres, closed in 2012 and is now a construction site well on the way to becoming condo central.  I miss being able to walk two blocks and pick up materials on the fly.  Now a trip to the art store involves transit and a serious interruption in the work day.  I would be so thrilled if an Opus or deSerres was reinstated into the ‘hood!

The location of the new campus-to-be is a mere five minute walk from my front door.

Access to bookstores and openings and speakers’ series (oh, my!).

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