Sowing Seeds

Ah, yes.  It’s that time of year again.

Time for honing writing skills to a razor sharp edge and spending many an hour re-sizing documentation photos in post production.

In other words, ’tis time to prep the annual proposal mailout.

Every year I push and pull the project description and statement for Slim.  After ten years it’s starting to feel like I’m there; finally the words have caught up to the visuals.

This year I’ve cast my seeds into bigger fields; today I mailed packages to five large public galleries across BC.  It will be months before I hear anything, but with the updated writing and the new documentation I’m feeling optimistic.

Most of the galleries I’ve submitted to are programming two to three years in advance, so in the next few weeks I plan on submitting to a number of artist run centres across Canada, who generally program a year or two in advance.

This is the fun part; choosing which venues to submit to, prepping the highly organized packages, and sending them off to various parts of the country with fingers crossed and hope in my heart.  I haven’t shown in Quebec or Ontario yet so those provinces may get special consideration during the selection process.

For something new I might even look into trying to secure an international gig.

Who knows where I might be showing in a couple of year’s time? 🙂

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