Fun With Forms

Conversation between me and the new RBC Optimum Points Card Representative in the hair product aisle of Shoppers Drug Mart.  He is updating my account information.

RBC [looking at my drivers license]:  Is this your current address?

ME: Yes.

RBC:  How long have you been living there?

ME:  Mmmm…about ten years.

RBC:  Oh, do you own?

ME:  Yes.

RBC [fishing]:  Oh, so you have a mortgage.  What do you pay a month?

ME:  It’s really low.  I paid down as quickly as I could.  About $800.00 a month.

RBC:  That IS low.  What is your place of business?

ME:  Oh, I’m self employed – I’m an artist.

RBC:  How long have you been doing that?

ME:  Mmmm…about 2o years.

RBC:  Oh!  Are you a painter?  I used to paint.

ME:  I paint a little, mostly I make textile-based sculpture.

RBC:  Sounds complex.  What’s your annual income?

ME:  It’s negligible.

RBC: Oh. [scribbles furiously]

Guess they won’t be sending me any credit card applications.

On a different day, that exchange might have made me feel like crying.  Today it made me laugh.  I felt no embarrassment at all admitting my income was negligible after doing something for 20 years, though I’m sure it confused the hell out of the bank employee.  Of course I didn’t feel the need to clarify that I had worked in arts admin for many years and that the self employed status was relatively new.

I wonder what kind of illegal things he imagined I did (or am doing) to be able to afford real estate as an artist sans income? 🙂

2 Responses to “Fun With Forms”

  1. jody says:

    Yes, it’s true, I’ve profited from socks in the past. My intentions were good (and the profits were small).

  2. Jake DeNiro says:

    Now is the time to come clean… It’s sock-related, I’ll bet.