Get Stuffed

After several hopeful – and incorrect – predictions on when it would happen, it has finally happened this week.

Hip joints have been sewn in bodies and The Stuffening has begun (can I get a woot woot?)


Once upper thighs have been plumped the next step is to sew in the knee joints prior to stuffing the lower legs…

knee joints

A bit of 19 gauge wire run into the armhole, through the torso and down the leg into the feet will allow maximum flexibility in how the figures are eventually displayed (I’m particularly excited at the prospect of posing them in “flight”!).


I prefer to insert the wire into arms and legs after stuffing them, and prior to stuffing the torso cavity (the torso cavity is the last bit of body I stuff before hand stitching on the head).

I’ve also begun wiring the hands/feet with 19 gauge wire.

hand wire

This bit of infrastructure will allow the appendages to “grasp”, which will prove useful for hanging them from their feet, having them crawl up a wall, and, oh, I don’t know…all the other various and sundry shenanigans they’ll eventually end up getting into.

gripping hands

I’m feeling a bit cautious about making more predictions – I’ve been underestimating how long certain steps should take – but I’m setting a goal of completing fifty wired figures (BBC – Before Bat Costume) by the end of this year.

What goals are you striving to reach before the end of the year?  Don’t be shy about sharing in the comments below!

One Response to “Get Stuffed”

  1. Tzaddi says:

    Wow. Awesome to see these details. Those hands are going to be capable of some fine shenanigans!