I’m Leaving On A Jetplane…

tomorrow, bright and early, for a visit to my hometown: London, Ontario.

So, today was spent doing laundry and collecting all the various and sundry things a person needs to make daily functioning possible.

That and having a massive Barbie doll fit.

For some reason deciding what part of my wardrobe to take was exceedingly complicated. I probably could have gotten away with packing only half of what I did, but hey, I’m a fickle girl and I like choice.

I should let you know that technical difficulties may prevent the Muse from being daily over the next few weeks. My laptop will be traveling with me, but internet access may be a bitch.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

One Response to “I’m Leaving On A Jetplane…”

  1. Tzaddi says:

    aha, slowly my mother’s lexicon infiltrates the InterWeb!

    “Barbie Doll Fit: a condition of not-knowing-what-to-wear. Symptoms include pulling articles of clothing out of one’s wardrobe, one by one, until they are madly strewn about the room. Often ends in the afflicted’s disgruntled departure from the domicile.”