I’m Sorry, So Sorry

Oh my.
Has it really been an entire month?
Didn’t mean to be absent that long – truly I didn’t.
Especially without giving fair warning.

Last month I found myself over-tired and overwhelmed and the Daily Muse suffered horribly.

Originally implemented as encouragement for me to devote some time each day to writing, the Muse suddenly became an Obligation. An Obligation that I’ve been feeling I haven’t been able to fulfill as of late – at least not very well. The pressure to write something keen and insightful every day – ad infinitum – finally broke me.

Yes, folks, it’s true. I am going to take the advice of seasoned bloggers and aim for quality and not quantity. The Daily Muse will now be posted as a weekly muse (kept under the same heading ‘Daily Muse’, though). My hope is that the executive decision to downsize will result in a more productive bottom line.

This resolution should alleviate my burnout, though I do feel conflicted about it. I hate to admit that I’m not “man enough” for high-endurance blogging. But I hate half-assed-ness more.

Thanks for your patience while I discover my limitations. Oh, and yes, you do deserve an explanation of what I’ve been up to, which will be forthcoming.

Sooner than next month, too.

One Response to “I’m Sorry, So Sorry”

  1. Jason says:

    Bravo! Come on the Night Ride tonight (Sunday)!