A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis – hence the previously mentioned major diet shift.

I could tell you about it, but then you wouldn’t have the excitement of discovering it for yourself like I did. To learn about IC and be depressed, go here. To learn about IC and be inspired, go here. To be confused, go here.

I read the Mayo Clinic first, and was left feeling a bit helpless. It wasn’t until I perused the IC Network site a few days later that I realized what a great resource this was.

At least I thought it was…until I went to the Even Better Now site.  Even Better Now links to a list of foods that seems to contradict the foods suggested at the IC Network site, based on whether the body processes the food into acid or alkaline despite what the food is going in.

I thought having to play the Gee, Will This Food Make Me Flare? game was difficult enough. Could this be any more confusing?  I mean, which site is right?  I’m tempted to try the 70% alkaline 30% acid diet that Even Better Now advocates. Logically, it makes sense to me.  Following the IC Network food list, I’ve been consuming foods that are apparently acid producing, even though they are on the “safe” list.

Whatever diet direction I choose, both sites estimate a timeline from 6 months to two years for folks with IC to find the right diet.  Must be why we are called “patients”.

Arrgghh.  Doesn’t my body know that I am already busy trying to do the impossible?  I’m trying to make gold out of straw here, I don’t have the energy for this crap.

I wish I came with a damn user’s manual.

Which, knowing me, I probably wouldn’t have read anyway and would have tossed out with the warranty.


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