A wee bit reluctant to go in the studio today, it being a civic holiday and all. Somehow I ended up in there, poking about – prepping a couple new pieces for the Campbell River show. Suddenly I was studio-jacked.

A piece I had planned on making for the debut of the Slim Shady series in 2006 – but never got around to manufacturing – decided its time was nigh. Before I knew what hit me I had eight little gems that looked like this…


Here’s a detail…

Hands detail

I ran out of cheap brass keychain fobs and jewelry findings or there’d be forty or so made by now. There will, of course, be many, many more.

To give a bit of context, here’s the draft as scrawled in my sketchbook in 2005. The sculpture as seen from the front would look sumpthin’ like this…

Hands Draft front

When the viewer moved around the piece, this is what they would see…

Hands Draft back

It might be a little too obvious, trite, or heavy-handed (har-dee-har). That’s why I’ll try to keep the wicked little punchline for people who invest more time in the piece and actually examine the back of the sculpture.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions?

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