It’s A Dog’s Life

And to that I say: “bow-wow-wow”. Not saying I have gone to the dogs, but I am definitely living it up like one. No municipal job imposing schedules. No public transit commute. Ignoring the 6:30am alarm. Leisurely mid-morning strolls with Elvis – cup o’ joe in hand. Playing in my studio when it suits me.

Does it get any better than this? Why, yes – I think it could.

One thing I miss about working in the studio all summer is, well, summer.

Vancouver has been experiencing exquisite weather this past week and the thought of missing out on it because I’ll be in the studio working has, um, made me not want to work in the studio. I ruminated for a while and came up with an idea…

Seaside Studio Days. Collect materials, pack laptop, ipod, lunch, plenty of H2O and away we go. Hop on a False Creek Ferry and glide my way to Kits Point for an afternoon of production by-the-sea.

As long as the weather complies, I’m thinkin’ this could be a once or twice a week stint. Sounds good, don’t it? The journey, though, won’t be without peril – there is always the chance that I may get asked to Explain Myself by curious passers-by.

I am willing to accept this risk.

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