Not All Germans Are Hitler…

and not all pitbulls are vicious.

Something some big dough-head said to his girlfriend as Elvis and I walked by them on the Seawall has twisted my knickers into a knot.

It’s not so much what he said…it’s how he said it: “That’s a PITBULL.”

I have no beef with this fella’s statement. It’s a fact. Elvis definitely has some – if not a lot – of pitty in him. It was the manner in which it was said that made my blood boil. I have always been more sensitive to the tone in which things are said than the actual words being used.

When this guy said, “That’s a PITBULL” it was like hearing someone who was walking by a blond-haired, blue-eyed German saying, “That’s an ARYAN” – knowing by how they were saying it that they were really implying “That’s HITLER.”

C’mon folks, get educated. Don’t believe everything the media feeds you.

Blame the deed not the breed.

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