Finders, Keepers

I found this hand written note folded and tucked inside David B.’s graphic novel Epileptic 1 after I checked it out of the library on April 4th of this year:

Aside from getting a great (albeit not original or financially lucrative) idea for alternative dissemination of artwork – drop-lifting art into the public library system – I learned a few things by finding this note:

1. When you leave a personal note make sure names remain unmentioned (in this case, I’m sure Mr. Fatty can’t read, so he won’t care that complete strangers know that he “keeps good company”).

2. Make sure you sign your name completely illegibly.

3. Never use a personal note as a bookmark (if you do this, you don’t have to worry about number 1 or 2).

Following these simple guidelines will allow you to write whatever silly, dirty, slanderous notes without any embarrassment when a complete stranger finds them tucked in the library books your friends and loved ones had checked out last month and posts them on her website.

One Response to “Finders, Keepers”

  1. Tzaddi says:

    Another priceless item. You should submit it to

    I’ve heard of people putting business cards into library books as a marketing tactic. Pick the right niche subject, insert card…