Now, why would you…

want to catch a bus that gets you to the ferry terminal a whole sixty superfluous minutes ahead of time?

Usually I do. Needing to be somewhere uber-early for something that has a pre-scheduled time is one of those cute eccentricities that I possess. Today I thought, “Why do I have to be like this? I don’t need to get there an hour ahead of time. An hour sitting around in the waiting room? That’s just a plain ol’ silly waste of time, that is.”

Taking the express that gets you there 22 minutes before the ferry sails is plenty early, right?

Sure is.

Unless that express bus is 25 minutes late. Then you get to wait around with all the other irate ferry travelers for two hours until the next scheduled ferry leaves.

Which is a big-ass silly waste of time.


MORAL: Always trust your gut.

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