Flutter-By Needs a New Pair o’ Wings

I’m feeling the need for a transformation coming on.

Early case of spring fever?

Bored outta my gourd with my wardrobe?

Finally willing to let go of all those well-worn shoes that have split soles?

Or just admitting that my luck is close to running out on the several pairs of pants I keep wearing with ever-widening holes in the crotch area?

Whatever the case, I think a good closet purge and subsequent trip to Value Village must be in order.

Who’s in?

2 Responses to “Flutter-By Needs a New Pair o’ Wings”

  1. jody says:

    Oh,yes…a swap and sew party would do the trick!

  2. Caitlin says:

    sounds like a swap out party is in order!
    You know, those crotch holes are not such a big deal (and barely noticeable) when they are on a 10-year-old “new to you” pair of highly structured red faux velvet pants.

    Wish I was there! I could mail out the invitations.