Now You See It

…soon you won’t. I’m doing an intensive studio purge right now, getting rid of old, dried up paint and supplies I haven’t been using.

Here are some of the supplies I’ve been storing (some of it I haven’t touched for twenty years):

Yessirree, this amounts to about 80% of what was being stored in the first place. Note: all of this stuff came from only half of one of my storage tables. I wonder if I’ll be able to weed out equal amounts of extraneous stuff from my remaining studio tables? It’s time to be brutal, I don’t need a whole lotta crap gacking up my studio chi. Some items will get tossed, some will be recycled, and some – like the supplies I only use for teaching demo’s – will be stored offsite while I take a break from teaching. Supplies that are still usable (but never again to be used by me) I hope to donate to a DTES or youth at risk art program.

I estimate it will take me a good week to fully assess all items in my studio. At the end of it I’ll be doing a happy dance in all the physical and mental space I’ve been able to free up.

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