Packing It In

Tomorrow is the start of our 10-day Halifax/London vacation. Today was spent scurrying about taking care of last minute details and having the inevitable packing meltdown.

Every time I pack for a trip I am made acutely aware of how many misfit articles of clothing I possess: tops that don’t have suitable bottoms; dresses that don’t have adequate footwear; skirts that I can’t pair with anything I own. I don’t buy clothing very often, when I do it is usually from a consignment or second-hand store. Even so, I still make poor decisions and end up with a wardrobe that I only wear about 10 percent of.

Inspired by my recent studio purge I think it is time to purge my closet. When I’m back in town at the end of the month I’m gonna exorcise those fashion demons.

Be utterly ruthless.

If it hasn’t been worn in a year, it’s gotta go.

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