So Classy

After only a few delays and 10 hours of traveling we’ve made it to Andrew’s family home in Belnan, NS. On both flights we were sitting just behind the Class Curtain (the cloth barrier used to separate first class from economy) so we had a grand view of what we weren’t entitled to.

The greatest difference across the divide – no surprise here – is the food. As I’m sure you are aware, Air Canada no longer includes meals in their ticket price. Which is perfectly OK…I’ve gotten used to the nickle and diming. The selection and quality of food items that they do offer for purchase by their economy clients, however, is sadly lacking.

From my vantage point I observed a first class meal – couldn’t tell what the entree was but I could see it was on a large, lovely china plate. Accompanying it, in its own large-sized bowl, a hearty serving of mixed baby greens. For dessert, a piece of cheesecake with a berry demi-glace. Off to one side waiting to rinse it all down was a long-stemmed goblet of wine.

It made the Quizno’s flatbread pizza that someone in our row ordered look about as appetizing as a piece of limp cardboard that had been used to wipe up tomato paste and cheese filings off the counter top.

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