Rested and Ready to Rumble

Paperwork for taxes has been left with a happy accountant, studio work has progressed, and, most importantly, the foundation for a second round of Slim Shady proposals has been poured. I figure if I can be diligent enough about tailoring a couple of proposal to specific galleries per day, I’ll have six packages mailed out by the beginning of next week.

Gotta keep those babies generating an income.

Once that’s done, I can fix my eyes on a new prize…

finishing up a few key drawings in the new series so I can write intelligently about it so I can land a show so I can then land a creation grant. If that sounds complicated, it’s because it is.

I have a brilliant idea for a new grant category that I’m thinking of submitting to Canada Council: administrative internships for/with emerging artists. It’s difficult enough just trying to keep a studio practice alive without all the documentation, research, writing, and deadlines sprinkled on top. Emerging artists could apply to receive an award to hire a personal arts administrator for a term (student, perhaps?). It would benefit both the artist and the fledgling art administrator. A year long term would be ideal, but I’d take 6 months. Hell, I wouldn’t snub 3 months if I got offered it. CC already offers grants to galleries and artist run centre’s for student internships – don’t see why this couldn’t work as well.

Truly, we Emergers need all the help we can get with the biz side of things. ‘Cuz otherwise you end up like me – making art for two decades and still being classified as “emerging”.

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