Muse Snooze

Jody, we’ve noticed you’ve been less than consistent with the Muse over the last few months.  What gives?

Guilty.  The last couple of months have been hectic.  I seem to be playing catch-up in all corners of my life – and not doing a particularly good job, either.  Necessary and practical things are getting done on a daily basis: the dog is getting walked, physical activity is happening, studio work is starting to become regular.

There is, however, only so much time – and energy – in a day.  What’s not getting done is basic housekeeping (I’m looking at a mountain of dirty dishes stacked on the kitchen counter, waiting for the clean dishes in the dishwasher to be emptied).  I’m considering adopting the dust bunnies on the stairs and applying to the government for “baby bonuses”.

Also under the category of NOT GETTING DONE is website upgrading and archives, documenting, proposal applications, and renovations.

So…for the next week, while I wrestle with taxes, tutoring, and trying to bring my studio and living area up to a lesser standard of dirty, I’ll be taking an “official” holiday from the Muse.

You’ll hear from me again on Friday the 13th.

[cue eerie music and diabolical laughter]

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