RLPG Friday #8

This week’s lesson has to do with a different kind of “rich”.  I’m talking quality rather than quantity.

What I’m gonna say is not new – but it is something I’ve finally allowed myself to learn.

It is better to be rich in happiness and health than financially flush – if you can manage both, good on ya.

Sticking with a job no matter what because it is a “good job” is bad business. A job is only good if you are happy doing it and it gives you a sense of accomplishment. So what if a job pays you a grotesque hourly wage and only requires you to be at the office 18 hours a week. How good is that job, really, if the stress related to the job is emotionally, spiritually, and physically bankrupting you?

If I had written this post a year ago, you would be reading a completely different article.

A year ago I would have advised trying to land yourself an auxiliary union position with a municipality.

A year ago I couldn’t admit to myself how effin’ despondent I was.

A year ago I couldn’t have said that I would rather be happy and making $10.00 an hour than miserable and making $26.00 an hour.

Man…I am either enlightened or completely off my nut.

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