Screenplay Thursday #2

My instructor warned us fledgling playwrights, “Writing a screenplay is harder than it looks.”

And was he saying a mouthful.

Starting was the biggest hurdle. An hour into writing I only had half a hand-written page. I realized that if I didn’t modify my writing process (back-editing several times every few paragraphs), that I may never get a first draft done. Not only that, but if the point of the course is to foster the habit of re-writing, what would I learn if I tweaked it into perfection while composing the first draft?

At the instructor’s advice, I’m using celtx – a free script writing software that you can download. It looks so pro…even if what I’ve written is a pile of crap.  Crap that – hopefully – over the next three months, will dry and be carved into a beautiful screenplay statue.

Without further ado, I present to you the first four pages…

The Wheel – Draft 1

Comments?  Suggests?

One Response to “Screenplay Thursday #2”

  1. stephen sutherland says:

    brilliant start.great shiny bits and depth.may have some usefull/less process related sugestions re: building a skeleton and chunking down to enable you towrite mrefaster and get bintolegitimate rewriting faster…ie loose screen synopsis,lose scene by scene, then flesh out skeleton….storyboarding may help to…