Screenplay Thursday #6

Last Friday, the second draft of The Wheel was workshopped in my scriptwriting class.  Which was great, really.  Lots of fabulous ideas and suggestions bandied about.  Except…well, let me put it to you this way:

Let’s say that the elements of my fledgling screenplay – the plot, setting, characters, etc. – are a litter of puppies. I had, rightly or wrongly, been keeping the litter safely contained in a kennel. Last Friday the door to the kennel was opened and out spilled the puppies, running off, all in different directions.

Which was exciting.

And terrifying.

I was left standing in the open doorway of the kennel, with the overwhelming task of rounding up the puppies.   In what order would it be best to pursue them?  Should I let some of them go feral?  Any choice, regardless, involves a major re-write.

For now, I’ve decided to sit quietly in the kennel.  By my side, a bowl of fresh water.  In my pocket, some Rollover.

Here puppy, puppy, puppy.

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