Hallowe’en 1974

Yikes – could this be any more 70s?

Hallowe’en 1974
Orange net curtains, avocado and goldenrod floral wallpaper and, yes, that is a beaded macrame plant hanger behind my dad’s head.

I loved those tone-on-tone green Dr. Denton jammies.  I used to pretend that I was a praying mantis when I wore them.  I’d sneak up on my prey, arms crooked like claws.  I’d grab it and devour it’s soft, squishy innards with my mandibles.

It’s a shame my folks didn’t have a Super-8…footage of me chewing on pillows would be priceless.

Happy Hallowe’en – here’s hoping you get a chance to celebrate your inner ‘mantis.

2 Responses to “Hallowe’en 1974”

  1. jody says:

    Brilliant! Although it may be one of those Bad Ideas That Should Never Be Resurrected, I think you and K-Man should re-instate Jigsaw Jack o’lantern carving as a Hallowe’en tradition.

  2. Tzaddi says:

    This picture is pretty priceless in itself. The wallpaper is so bad! I wish we had footage of Halloween too. I remember my dad carving pumpkins with a jigsaw. Would be great to see that again. (Or not?)